This 30 day guide will inform you of the most up to date information on your resume.  Take a look at your resume right now, look it over.  Did you notice any errors?  Do you know what to look for?  Continue reading each day to find out how to improve your resume to give you the confidence you need when going in for an interview. Knowledge is power!

Week 1 : Personalizing your resume

Day 1: Colors and graphics

When designing your resume be sure not to over do it with graphics and colors.  Unless you have a career in graphic design and/or art.  This can be distracting for the reader.  Keep your resume simple, consistent and polished.

Pops of color like lines in the heading is just enough to be interesting but not exaggerated.

Stay tuned tomorrow and the rest of the month to revamp your resume for success!

Stay focused and most importantly stay professional!

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