Do you think your resume is average or just ok?  Hvae you even thought about your resume??

Leaving your resume hanging to dry is probably not a good idea.  “Some tech pros update their résumés and profiles every time they learn a new skill or accomplish something notable; done often enough, it Becomes a habit,” states Dice staff.

There are a few instances when you can update your resume.

The obvious one: When you leave a job for another.

Two:  You learn a new skill

Three:  You finished a project

The point of a resume is citing your accomplishments and giving the specifics: what you did, and how you did it.

“In today’s job market, with lay-offs and downsizing, being unemployed for a few months is typical. If you’ve been job-hunting longer than three months, try to find a volunteer, part-time or temporary position within your field. Register with a temp agency—an employer may have a short-term project requiring additional staff, but would rather not hire full-time or permanent engineers [who also have to be paid benefits],”  advises Lisa Dickter, associate director for Career Consultants Carnegie Mellon’s Career and Professional Development Center, Pittsburgh, PA.

Stay up to date with trending information about resumes and industry highlights.  Don’t let time get away from you, use these helpful hints in the post to manage your resume for that next position.




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