As we enter into a New Year many of us have been asked by friends or family members “What’s your plans for the New Year”. Some of us may say we want to start a new workout plan, eat a healthier diet or looking to start a new career. No matter what career path we’re on having an unprofessional resume and cover letter can derail the chances of landing our dream job or a promotion on our current job. With an unprofessional resume, it can drastically underrepresented your skills to potential employers.

New Year Means New Resume Event

This Saturday on January 14th at 10 am – 11 am at the Brooklyn Public Library N.Liten Resume Services will be holding our first event of the Year “New Year Means New Resume Event”.  Where will give out free resume consultation, PDF interview coaching book, 1 year Newsletter subscription to N.Liten Services and LinkedIn profile update. This event is free and welcome to all who are ready to get back to work or transitioning from one job to another. However, in order to receive the FREE giveaways, you must RSVP!

Here are three reasons why attending the New Year Means New Resume Event will benefit anyone in attendance.

  1. Our tailored 1-on-1 approach allows us to create and customize a resume and cover letter to your respective work experience and professional profile. This allows for our resume specialist to carter to each individual person’s needs.
  1. Unless you’ve been under a rock the recent state of the job market can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know the current hiring practices utilized by employers. By attending this event you’ll reap the benefits of writing professionals who understand industry trends, needs/wants of hiring managers and insider knowledge of current hiring practices.
  1. Using a professional resume service will spotlight accomplishments with a fresh and unbiased eye. That will turn your resume and cover letter into something that’s personable and professional.

Whether you’re unemployed or looking for a career change our comprehensive and all-inclusive career services will help anyone enhance their chances of securing not just a job but a career. Let us help you not just find a job but career. Join us this Saturday January 14th between 10 am – 11 am at the Brooklyn Public Library (Eastern Parkway Branch).


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