Here at N.Liten Services, we’re constantly learning new methods to improve our resume services, career counseling and career placement advice. Whether you’re employed, unemployed or currently looking for a new career, we all get bogged down with the “job search” or life in general. As we’re more than a month into the New Year there are many people looking for a career change.  Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or a new position altogether, we can all learn new habits.

Here are five tips that anyone can use to start or continue on the path to greatness.

  1. Make the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Account

First and foremost, if you’re looking for a new career or to network with other professionals, the importance of LinkedIn in today’s social networking era is a key component to long-term success. LinkedIn and many other professional networking sites allow their users to customize their accounts. This means you can upload PowerPoints, Excel spread sheets and Word documents under a job in your ‘Experience’ section. Showing more samples of your work will show companies that you have the necessary skills for future opportunities. Adding media content will add to your profile by highlighting your career success and will increase your chances of catching an employer’s or similar professional eye.

2.  Cut out the Negative Thoughts

Many times, when we are pursuing a new career or in a transition period sometimes negative thoughts start to enter our head. This often comes from the media, family members, friends or even our significant other. Who all have their opinions about what we should or shouldn’t do concerning our career path. When job searching, it is essential for us to remain positive throughout our job search. According to research it takes the average college graduate three to nine months to find employment.  This is something we all should take in account when trying to keep a positive outlook when we’re looking for new employment, so we won’t get discouraged.

3. Keep Learning & Skill Building

No matter what profession we decide to pursue education is always a key component to improving our chances of finding employment. Often times learning a new skill can lead to new opportunities that we may be qualified for by receiving a certification or formal education. Another benefit of lifelong learning is that it helps challenge us mentally and provide us with a competitive edge versus other candidates. Thus, a byproduct of learning you might actually find your passion for life and feel inspired and motivated to learn more.

4. Clearly Define Goals & Follow Up

Making specific plans and goals on a time frame will help us stay on track to success in not just our job search, but in life in generally. Without having a plan, we can sometimes get lost and complacent in our daily lives. Therefore, when we prioritize our goals, schedule time each week to work specifically towards accomplishing our goals and set aside an additional 30 minutes each week to monitor our progress and investigate next steps. Thus, improving the chances of achieving our goals.

5. The Power of a Professional Resume & Cover Letter

Having a professional resume and cover letter can go a long way in today’s competitive job market. With around 93.8 million Americans looking for employment having any edge can be a plus. A resume that is tailor-made for you can make all the differences from being called in for an interview or seeing your resume being looked over. An unprofessional resume or cover letter can lack appeal and drastically underrepresented your experience.  

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? Please share with us in the comments below!


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4 thoughts on “5 Career Tips That Can Change Your Life

  1. Well, Mr. Writer, first of all, congratulations for this informative articles. You are doing a great job and I recommend all of the readers to follow you for better guidance.
    SECOND – Don’t get offended I am just sharing my opinion being a reader
    To me I don’t believe in jobs, it’s like getting hired to build someone else dreams.
    if you have a dream build yours. Similar, to train and grow your own child don’t waste time on others child. (comparing child to company)
    To me I believe in everyone has an option after completing eduction to either get hired by a boss or to open their own company to be the boss. no matter small or big you are the boss.
    I know it would take the time to grow but my friend “97% of the people who quit to easily on their dreams get hired by the 3% of people who refuse to give up after every failure and falls.”
    I hope this may hell you.. i write to help those 3% people about how reach your goals.
    And you are doing a great job by your side.
    respect for you.
    keep writing genuine contents.

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