In today’s highly competitive workforce finding our “dream job” can be changeling especially when we don’t have much experience in our field of choice. This issues faces many recent graduates and anyone looking for a career change. However, there is a huge misconception that you cannot get your dream career without having experience in that particular industry. Although, experience is important for any career field you can still get your dream career if you have other skills that a company holds valuable. Having these skills will show employers though you might not have experience, but you make up for it with being highly skilled. Here are 7 skills that can help you land the job of your dreams!


  1. Excel Online – Understanding how to utilize Excel like a pro may not seem significant, but the truth of the matter is knowing MS Excel is a vital skill. That will most likely come in handy working in most industries. You’ll use it for many tasks such as creating spreadsheets and bookkeeping.


  1. Learn a New Language – Being a master of English is great, but learning a second or third language can make you more marketable in the job market. Mastering another language gives you a competitive edge versus other candidates.


  1. Coding – Knowing how to code HTML, CSS and Java can open brand new career opportunities, because almost any business that has an online computer systems need people to code their systems. Learning how to code is a skill anyone can learn but taking courses like Code Academy or Intro to Computer Science by EDX.


  1. Public Speaking – This skill is transferable to any industry you might find yourself in. Having this skill will help you make better presentations, reports, pitches and conduct better meetings.


  1. Writing – No matter what career field we enter having the ability to write, edit and understand information cannot be underestimated. Even if our job doesn’t directly have us utilizing writing we will always end up writing emails or filling out reports. Thankfully, the great thig about writing is the more you write the better you will become. Also, there are excellent writing courses out there to help improve your skills.


  1. Mathematics – Mathematics is a dynamic skill that is necessary in just about every career. Having the ability to understand math whether its high school algebra or college-level calculus the skill will automatically make you more marketable.


  1. Internet Marketing – With the boom of social media and every business trying to capitalize on the reach it gains. Having an understanding of SEO, long-trail keywords and B2C marketing can come in handy in your job search.


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