Does social media help you land an interview???

All of us know the importance of making sure your resume is in tip top shape.  All of us knows the same for your LinkedIn profile.  But does Twitter, instagram, reddit, Quora, and facebook, help you get noticed as well?

According to an interview specialist, here is what she says, Over 45% of employers now look at Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles to screen job candidates. “Employers will look at your social media. Guaranteed,” says Burik. “So take a moment to clean out those photos of you having a wild party or any comments that undermine the impression you want to make.

Jon Gregory, a job search and interview specialist, agrees that “everything you put online should be as professional as practically possible”. Though he says sometimes it can be worth running separate profiles for professional and private use.

However, Burik adds that “showing a little personality” online is no bad thing, as long as you “keep it within professional boundaries”.


Now, don’t rely on social media alone to land you a job.  Indeed and many others will give you an idea of what is out there and what sort of skills and experience employers are looking for. It’s also worth contacting recruitment agencies, particularly if there are any that specialise in your field. Call them up and send them your CV – and keep in touch.

Hopefully this information helps you on your search for a new job and creating your resume online!  Stay focused and most importantly stay PROFESSIONAL!


30 Day Resume Revamp

Here we are on day 2 of the resume revamp.

Week 1: Personalizing your resume

Day2: Don’t list Referenced on your resume

Employers will ask you for references generally during or after the interview.  No need to type “References available upon request” either.  Don’t waste valuable line space.  Your need that for important information.  If employers do ask for references, be sure to give your references a heads up that your future employer may be calling.

Stay tuned in for the next 28 days to see how you can revamp your resume!

Stay focused and most importantly stay professional! #



30 Day Resume Revamp

This 30 day guide will inform you of the most up to date information on your resume.  Take a look at your resume right now, look it over.  Did you notice any errors?  Do you know what to look for?  Continue reading each day to find out how to improve your resume to give you the confidence you need when going in for an interview. Knowledge is power!

Week 1 : Personalizing your resume

Day 1: Colors and graphics

When designing your resume be sure not to over do it with graphics and colors.  Unless you have a career in graphic design and/or art.  This can be distracting for the reader.  Keep your resume simple, consistent and polished.

Pops of color like lines in the heading is just enough to be interesting but not exaggerated.

Stay tuned tomorrow and the rest of the month to revamp your resume for success!

Stay focused and most importantly stay professional!

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Resume tips…

Ready for that next career but you haven’t used your resume in a while???   Here are some tips to help ensure your resume comes out looking its best.  Make the first impression the best one with a professional resume.

Tip 1:  Think hard before writing a two-page resume

If you have a lot of experience and skills that take up that much space, then go for it.  But if you can share the same story with less space, then go for that too!

Tip 2:  Keep you best at the top.

Place your best experiences and skills at the top of your resume.  When employers are looking over your resume they can view your best qualities during the first few seconds of reading.

Tip 3:  Only show relevant experience

You should only show the most recent years of your career history and include skills that are relevant to which you are applying.

Tip 4:  Don’t list graduation dates

Employers care more about if you graduated not the actual date.  Also, if you graduated with honors then definitely specify that.

Tip 5:  A lot of job-hopping? State why…

If you have had a lot of jobs within a year or two, have a designated section off to the side of the employer stating the reason why you left the employer.  For instance, “Business closed” or “Relocated to new city.”  That way there are no gray areas or room for question and doubt.

These are just a few tips that you can use when touching up your resume or creating a new one.  I hope you have enjoyed this read.  If you have, please share some of your thoughts in what could make a professional resume stand out.  Stay tuned for more.


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